About Us

Our Vision

"A cool place where we can have fun together."

At Gullane After School Club we strive to create a happy atmosphere where fun and play is the key.  Where children, parents and staff develop and grow together.
We believe that each child is an individual and they should be supported in a setting that celebrates inclusion, diversity and equality no matter race, religion or background.  We want our children to grow with confidence an self-esteem and to develop the life skills they will need to become independant, resillient adults.
Our Mission Statement - 

At Gullane After School Club, we want to provide a child-centred, stimulating and creative atmospherewhere play is the key.  We want to provide our children with the best play opportunities available.  We want to champion Inclusion and Equality and ensure that every child can play safely - free from discrimination.  We want to have strong, inclusive partnerships with our parents and local organisations to ensure the best prospects for our children,
We want to provide affordable childcare and be convenient and dependable for our families and our community and to become a positive force for all involved.
Our team is well trained, experienced and caring.  We believe in creating a positive learning environment for staff and encourage continuous professional learning in line with the  Scottish Social Services Council Codes of Conduct and National Care Standards.

Aims and Objectives of Gullane After School Club

  •  To ensure that we provide a stimulating and creative atmosphere for our children with the emphasis being on Play.      
  •  To build a safe and positive After School club where the children are at the centre of our organisation.       
  •  Staff will strive to make sure that all children feel included in the club through constant consultations and involving children in all aspects of planning.        
  • To ensure that parents are involved as much as possible in the club through consultations with the staff.        
  • To ensure that as a club we strive to meet best practice benchmarks through staff training and continuous learning.        
  • To work by our policies and procedures and ensure that they are reviewed annually.       
  • To provide safe, high quality childcare with respect to levels of staffing and health and safety of premises.      
  • To recruit staff using safe practices and offering high standards of employment for childcare workers in terms of salary, conditions of employment and training opportunities.      
  • The Club is to be managed by a Management Committee consisting of parents, elected through the Annual General Meeting.      
  • Lines of communication are to be kept open between users of the Club, staff and Management Committee through regular meetings and AGM’s. 


Meet our Staff

Helen Bonnar - Manager/Play Leader

Elina Mwembo - Deputy Manager/Play Leader

Elina joined our team in 2012 as our Deputy Manager.  

Elina has a PDA Level 8 in Childhood Practice,
Child Protection (basic & advanced),
Paediatric 1st Aid,
Food Hygiene 
Elina is registered with the SSSC and PVG'd
Helen joined our team in 2007 and has been our manager since 2010.  
Helen has a PDA Level 9 in Childhood Practice,
Mental Health 1st Aid for young people and children,
Epilepsy Awareness trainining,
Child Protection (Level 3),
Paediatric 1st Aid,
​Food Hygiene.
Helen is registered with the SSSC and PVG'd​​

Sarah Pryde -Assistant Deputy Play Leader

Siobhan Smith - Play Assistant

Siobhan joined us in 2015 from college 

Siobhan has recently completed her NPA Playwork and Childcare and has completed her 1st year of her SVQ3 Playwork course.
Siobhan has also completed - 

1st Aid at Work & Paediatric 1st Aid
Food Hygiene
She will be completing her child protection soon.
Siobhan is registered with the SSSC and is PVG'd
Sarah joined us in 2014.

She as recently completed her NPA Playwork and Childcare and has completed her 1st year of her SVQ3 Playwork course
Sarah has also completed - 
Paediatric 1st Aid
Food Hygiene
Child Protection
​Sarah is registered with the SSSC and is PVG'd

Charlotte Munro - Support

Amy Irvine - Support

Amy joined us from High School in 2014

She is currently at University studying Social Sciences

Amy has also completed - 

Paediatric 1st Aid
Child Protection

Amy is also registered with the SSSC and PVG'd 
Charlotte joined us in 2016 

She is about to start college and is studying Social Sciences.

She is also keen to begin her training courses.
Charlotte has Paediatric 1st Aid
Child protection

Charlote is registered with the SSSC and she is PVG'd